What happens next?



Step 1: 


Reach out to our office and take your first step. We will gather some information from you and invite contact with the other party. The initial cost for this preliminary work is $220 which is paid at this step.

Step 2:


If we have been successful in contacting the other party, we arrange an “Intake session” with each of you separately. During these sessions, you will each have the opportunity to let our Mediator know, in your own words, how you see the dispute and the issues that are important to you. The Mediator will also share with you both an overview of the process and outline our role. Once the Intakes are completed, we will assess whether the Mediation is suitable to proceed.

If we have not been able to contact the other party on our first attempt, we are required to make a further attempt and/or give an extension of time. If we are then still unable to make contact or we have not received the completed intake forms within the timeframe, we are able to issue a s60I Certificate at an additional cost of $165.

Step 3:


If, after the intakes, we are of the view that the Mediation should proceed, we will book in a suitable date with you both and your lawyers if you are legally represented. We aim to have the Mediation booked to take place within 14 days if all parties are available within that timeframe. Once a Mediation date has been set the full amount of the Mediation is to be paid. Usually this cost is shared equally between you both, however there are occasions where one party is paying for the full amount. Either way, the full cost is required to be paid prior to the Mediation proceeding.

If we deem the Mediation unsuitable, we are able to provide any required s601 Certificate at a further cost of $165.

If the Mediation involves property matters, a joint Balance Sheet is to be completed prior to the Mediation.  We will provide this to you, together with information to help with this step.  Any required financial disclosure must occur prior to the Mediation being confirmed

Step 4:


We hope that Step 4 – your Mediation – is the last step in your conflict resolution journey and the first step into your future.